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Private scans by experts for pregancy, gynaecology, fertility & 4D.

The London Ultrasound Centre is private scanning service for women.

In one month we deliver this specialist care to over 300 parents.

Many of our patients come to us for all their regular scans throughout their pregnancy and go on to deliver happy healthy babies.

A first-trimester scan will check that your baby's heart is beating and also look at the basic anatomy of your baby’s head, abdominal wall, and limbs.

The vaginal transducer is long and narrow to fit comfortably inside your vagina.

If you consent, you may also be scanned by someone who is training in ultrasound, under the direct supervision of a qualified sonographer.

Having a scan with a trainee can be an interesting experience as it can let you know exactly what the sonographer is looking for during your scan. The investigation and management of the small-for-gestational-age fetus.

These appear white in the image, and soft tissues appear grey.

Fluids, such as the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby, appear black.

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An ultrasound scan sends sound waves through your womb (uterus). The echoes are then turned into an image on a screen that shows your baby’s position and movements.

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