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Instead of thinking you’re breaking your patterns by choosing men with different careers, why don’t you actually start choosing men based on ONE quality alone: integrity.

If you make integrity as important as you make attraction, you will quickly discover that you have no impulse whatsoever to break into your boyfriend’s email.

I know that's not much of an answer, but what are your other options?

Hire a full time detective to follow her and take pictures?

But, I think some of the water leaked out and it probably got stuck on Yes from the last time I used it.

I know the thought of losing her makes you sick to your stomach, but give yourself (and her) a break and stop peeking at her from behind the bushes.

It's creepy and I think you should have some more self respect than that.

I’ve been wined and dined by alpha jock types, I’ve done the light studio sessions will fellow artists. You have seemingly NO sense of how a good man acts. So to properly address how to avoid this unseemly predicament in the future, it doesn’t start with spying on phone calls or snooping through drawers.

Hey, I’ve even done the really effeminate straight hair dresser (He had the nerve to ask me to reassure his lady that we had been using protection when we hadn’t.) And yet I am still the back up girlfriend. You probably wouldn’t recognize a man of character if he opened your car door. It comes with looking for patterns in your past, since you’re the only common denominator in your life and you’ve CHOSEN these men.

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A man has claimed he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with Love Island star Mike Thalassitis on Celebs Go Dating.

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