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Intelligence is very important, but if I sense a "fun personality", that's a big plus. LOL I'm 83 so age appropriate with the lower age not written in stone is 70 to still breathing. Looking for someone in my own country - too much trouble trying to help someone settled as an immigrant from another country. I don't hate pets but they do nothing to simplify life and voluntary simplicity is worth while goal.

Pets are owed a responsibility and don't need that. Positive rules are simply letting yourself be who you are.

You would be a bonehead to condemn the person upon an internet pecked note.

You always need to meet the person to make a fair evaluation.

As long as it doesn't impede her ability to be nurturing, caring , and loving,... As long as "Outspoken" means opinionated, and not "Motor mouth", I don't care.

As a rule, you should not want to converse online , to any great lengths or detail.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Guys, what are some of the taboo/positive rules when a woman answers your contact as far as conversation goes.?The long back and forth is simply attrubted to both people not wanting to make the first move and presenting the chance to meet.first off, be aware than online dating is work.most conversations and the meetings they lead to are dead ends.

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Your intention should be to meet as soon as possible.

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