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Dating groups in quad cities

Over time, a minor industry grew up in the area to meet the steamboats' needs.Boat crews needed rest areas to stop before encountering the rapids, places to hire expert pilots such as Phillip Suiter, who was the first licensed pilot on the upper Mississippi River, to guide the boat through the rocky waters, or, when the water was low, places where goods could be removed and transported by wagon on land past the rapids.The first railroad bridge built across the Mississippi River connected Davenport and Rock Island in 1856.It was built by the Rock Island Railroad Company, and replaced the slow seasonal ferry service and winter ice bridges as the primary modes of transportation across the river.

Then, with the opening of an Alcoa (now Arconic) plant east of Davenport in 1948, the town of Bettendorf underwent so much growth that many people in the community discussed the adoption of the name "Quint Cities", and indeed, eventually Bettendorf passed East Moline in size.Saukenuk was the principal village of the Sauk tribe and birthplace of its 19th-century war chief, Black Hawk.In 1832, Sauk chief Keokuk and General Winfield Scott signed a treaty in Davenport after the US defeated the Sauk and their allies in the Black Hawk War.His business was incorporated as Deere & Company in 1868.Deere & Company is the largest employer today in the Quad Cities.

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Today, the rocks are submerged six feet underwater by a lake formed by two locks and dams.