Dating like fishing

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Dating like fishing

Note the folded, 6-page 1918 catalog inside the wonderful early box. This is the second, and more common, version of the Creek Chub Crawdad introductory box.

It is still very hard to find, having been made only one or two years.

This early Creek Chub Wiggler is new in its original intro picture box and is correctly marked "Natural YS" denoting the early and rare "yellow scale" finish.

This color almost appears to be a forerunner of Golden Shiner but tha back is much greener.

The box wasn't marked, but had it been, the correct number would have been 808.

Note the rare Creek Crab box (shown above) and the interesting colors of early Creek Chub Wiggler lures, some of which have no eyes. This is the prettiest lure from among the outstanding baits shown in the great field find above. This minty lure has hand-painted gills and the earliest plain tail.This specimen is in wonderful Goldfish Scale and has red gills.The Famous Pikie Minnow was introduced around 1919.Creek Chub lures are among the most collectible of all.This well known company is considered to be one of the two primary makers of today's most sought-after antique fishing tackle (the other being Heddon).

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