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There have been no more loyal adherents to the throne and no more effective and loyal supporters of the Empire in its hour of trial." This statement was later reiterated by Gandhi in 1920.The Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking was the first purpose-built mosque, built in 1889.In 2011 it was reported that the United Kingdom could have as many as 100,000 converts to Islam, The earliest evidence of Islamic influence in England dates to the 8th century, when Offa, the Anglo-Saxon king of Mercia, minted a coin with an Islamic inscription, largely a copy of coins issued by a contemporary Muslim ruler, Caliph Al-Mansur.See Islam in England for more information on Muslims in England prior to the United Kingdom's founding in 1707.The first group of Muslims to come to the UK in significant numbers, in the 18th century, were lascars (sailors) recruited from the Indian subcontinent, largely from the Bengal region, to work for the East India Company on British ships, some of whom settled down and took local wives.

Gujarati Muslims from the Surat and Bharuch districts started to arrive from the 1940s when India was under British colonial rule, settling in the towns of Dewsbury and Batley in Yorkshire and in parts of Lancashire.

Several large cities have one area that is a majority Muslim even if the rest of the city has a fairly small Muslim population.

In addition, it is possible to find small areas that are almost entirely Muslim: for example, Savile Town in Dewsbury.

London has the greatest population of Muslims in the country.

Across England and Wales the Muslim population numbered 3,047,000 (97.8% of all UK Muslims) or 5.4% of the total population.

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By 1911, the British Empire had a Muslim population of 94 million, larger than the empire's 58 million Christian population.

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