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All it takes is a woman to sweet talk them and they’ve lost money.” She also said public feedback has been largely positive.Sandeson’s lawyer, Eugene Tan, shied away from commenting specifically about the merits of the service but he did say the concept is worthwhile.“From that perspective, it might be a useful thing.Tan represented Sandeson throughout his murder trial and supports his client’s appeal.The website includes a disclaimer so Fazzina bears no legal responsibility in the event anything goes wrong.It also advises people not to send money to inmates.Tan also said he had no knowledge that Sandeson was using the service.“When you read psychiatric reports they talk about factors that would ultimately assist in rehabilitation, and one of those factors is the creation of stable relationships, opening one’s mind to other thoughts,” said Tan.

“All of these people are in prison for whatever crimes they committed and I don’t believe they need to be continuously punished,” said Fazzina.

The profile bears two photographs of Sandeson and indicates that he’s been busy behind bars, having completed paralegal and electrical engineering programs and nearing completion of an MBA.

“I grew up on a farm and playing lots of sports,” his profile states.

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“They’ve lost their freedom, they’ve lost many other things. I just think that allowing them to correspond with people on the outside who want to correspond with them is only a good thing.