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Miniature and Sample Bottles: Many 19th Century manufacturers gave away miniature versions of their wares as samples.

We are very interested in smaller examples of all types of bottles that are often marked with the word SAMPLE.

Bottles embossed with ink names such a CARTER'S, HARRISON'S, J & IEM, HOVER, DAVIDS', GAYLORD'S, WARREN'S CONGRESS, and HEATH'S are of interest, as are many others.

We wish to purchase ink bottles in colors such as cobalt blue, green, and amber and in shapes such as a cone (round or multi-sided), a cylinder with pour spout, or a teakettle.Words such as WITCH HAZEL, BAY RUM, or SHAMPOO are often found on such bottles.Enameled illustrations of children chasing a butterfly or playing tennis are frequently used to decorate these bottles, as are flowers and rural scenes.Many are embossed with a company name only, while others name a specific product like root beer or sarsaparilla.Soda bottles may come with a very short neck and blob top, or they may have a longer neck with a blob top. Most sodas are made of glass in colors ranging from clear, aqua, or citron to green, amber, or cobalt blue.

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Flasks: We seek early American flasks embossed with images such as Washington, La Fayette, Ben Franklin, General Zachary Taylor, Jenny Lind, and Andrew Jackson.

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