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Df not updating solaris

LWPs range could be specified after ‘/’ and separated by comma.

By default, bindings are inherited across exec(2), fork(2) and thr_create(3C), but inheritance across any of these can be disabled.

With lgroup affinities, you can enable or disable inheritance for fork(2), exec(2), and thr_create(3C), but you must enable or disable inheritance across all or none of these operations.

Solaris optimizes performance for I/O on Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) machines where some I/O devices are closer to some CPUs and memory than others.

When specifying multiple LWPs, the threads should all be bound to the same processor set since they can be affined to CPUs in their processor set.

Additionally, setting affinities will succeed if processor_affinity(2) is able to set a LWP’s affinity for any of the specified CPUs even if a subset of the specified CPUs are are invalid, offline, or faulted.

This can cause I/O performance to go down because the I/O will take longer to process.

I wrote up something that explains what it does, its benefits, and how it is used in Solaris along with examples of how to use it: In contrast, the pre-existing APIs for binding threads to a CPU or a processor set make the bindings always be inherited across fork(2), exec(2), and thr_create(3C) so you can never disable any of the inheritance.Part of what Solaris does for its NUMA I/O optimizations is place kernel I/O helper threads that help usher I/O from the application to the I/O device and vice versa near the I/O device.Before Solaris 11.2, Solaris would bind each I/O helper thread to one CPU near its corresponding I/O device.Unfortunately, this can cause some performance issues when the CPU where the I/O helper thread is bound becomes very busy running higher priority threads or handling interrupts.Since the I/O helper thread is bound to just one CPU, it can only run on that one CPU, isn’t allowed to run on any other CPU, and can have to wait a long time to run.

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For example, the user could bind a shell process to a set of CPUs and specify the binding is not inherited in fork(2).