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The poem proper begins with the woman's expression of desire for her lover and her self-description to the "daughters of Jerusalem": she insists on her blackness, likening it to the "tents of Kedar" (nomads) and the "curtains of Solomon".

A dialogue between the lovers follows: the woman asks the man to meet; he replies with a lightly teasing tone.

The Jews called it “Torah” (instruction) which is often rendered in English by “Law” (Matt ; Luke ; Acts ; 1 Cor 9:8) D.

Although each book is a unit, together they form a larger unit and unity A.

Deuteronomy: The reconstitution of the nation under YHWH to enter the land through a covenant renewal in legal-prophetic form C.

The Pentateuch is also tied around the two-fold narrative character of narrative interspersed with blocks of legal material.

There also was a source considered to be JE which an unknown redactor combined.

Driver affirmed that this was composed under Hilkiah for reform and that it unified the place of worship in Jerusalem, that it was written under prophetic influence (Jeremiah) and that the Deuteronomic school also reworked Joshua to Kings.

The books contain a chronological and theological progression: The Pentateuch: The founding of the Theocracy--the re-establishment of God’s rule on earth through man over evil and over all creation 1.Therefore, not all of the Bible can measure up to the demands of reason. This was an attempt to identify the main documents which were sources behind the Pentateuch (assuming that Moses was not the author [under reason]) D. Duplications in material (doublets and triplets) 4. A major difficult with this approach is that it overlooks literary styles and techniques used in narration (e.g., the use of duplications to communicate sovereignty, the use of divine names to teach theology et cetera) make a good observation when they write, “The Pentateuch thus has two major divisions: Gen. Certainly Moses was not able to write about his own death at the end of Deuteronomy (Deut 34:5ff).Elements employed to identify these blocks were: 1. In addition Moses was obviously not an eyewitness to the Genesis events.Genesis: The origins behind the founding of the theocracy--the promised blessing of the seed in the land and of all peoples through the seed 2.Exodus: The redemptions of the seed of Abraham out of bondage and the formation of this people to be a nation with a constitution a.

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See the appendix to Deuteronomy for a fuller discussion of this.

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