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When they fail, they tell themselves to try harder.

However, when the dyslexic succeeds, he is likely to attribute his success to luck. Research also suggests that these feelings of inferiority develop by the age of ten.

If children meet failure and frustration, they learn that they are inferior to others, and that their effort makes very little difference.

Instead of feeling powerful and productive, they learn that their environment controls them. Researchers have learned that when typical learners succeed, they credit their own efforts for their success.

Anxiety causes human beings to avoid whatever frightens them. However, many teachers and parents misinterpret this avoidance behavior as laziness.

In fact, the dyslexic’s hesitancy to participate in school activities such as homework is related more to anxiety and confusion than to apathy.

As youngsters reach adolescence, society expects them to become independent.

The tension between the expectation of independence and the child’s learned dependence causes great internal conflicts.

However, depressed children and adolescents often have different symptoms than do depressed adults.Often, the child sits on his anger during school to the point of being extremely passive.However, once he is in the safe environment of home, these very powerful feelings erupt and are often directed toward the mother.Instead, peer tutoring or a concerned young adult may be better able to intervene and help the child.The dyslexic’s self-image appears to be extremely vulnerable to frustration and anxiety.

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