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Erotic 3 d chat

I was on my way there when he texted to let me know he'd been called into an unexpected meeting at work and would need to leave the apartment within the next 30 minutes. As soon as I stepped inside he shut the door behind me and pulled me up against him.

He wore the same pajama pants, without a shirt this time, and my hands roamed the bare skin of his back while our mouths fused urgently and he slid the lace sleeves of my red dress down my shoulders and off past the ends of my fingertips.

I threaded my fingers through his hair and gazed into his face.

He tasted of coffee and I liked the way he kissed, sandwiching our lips to slide, stretch, and suck at one another, with an occasional brush of tongues.

"Just for you." As he reached behind me to undo the hooks, I smiled and pushed my hips forward to slowly and deliberately grind my crotch against the hard length of his cock. I kept moving as his mouth engulfed my nipple, rolling and pressing that hardness where I needed it, wishing we didn't have layers of clothing between us. I tugged at the hem of his t-shirt and he helped me lift it over his head.

His tongue circling one nipple with firm pressure while his fingers lightly pinched the other shot sparks straight to my clit until I squirmed and whimpered against him. It was my turn to explore him then, kissing and licking all the bare skin within reach, still rubbing myself against him and driving us both crazy while the sounds of our heavy breathing filled the room. I was enjoying the moment for what it was, something I couldn't usually do the first time with someone new, and I knew it was because for once I wasn't anxious about what was coming next.

I shifted my mouth's attention to his balls while my hand stayed on his cock, stroking gently.

He was shaved bare and the velvety smoothness was delicious as I licked and sucked and rolled his balls over my tongue.

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I pulled back for a moment to inform him of my body's unfortunate timing.

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