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Go into dating magazine

Bea Smith may be gone from Wentworth but Danielle Cormack's genuine love and enthusiasm for the show remains.

This, along with her warmth and humour, shone brightly throughout the 90 minutes we shared over a coffee and a chat recently.

whatever it is for you." For me, would I go "I'm straight"? I mean you could ask my partner now and he'd go: "Hmm? I mean-Jesus-we're still just getting over Orlando, you know.

And it was like trying to find what,in this environment,is going to help us to explore that part of Bea that has been so damaged?

Then perhaps you're "there" and then you're "not there", and you can become the subject of a great debate. I feel sufficiently admonished for making the assumption!

People are very curious, especially fans of , which has such an enormous lesbian audience, they're interested to know these things. Some desperate "fan shipping" going on throughout the season.

I think with the Bea and Allie relationship there is a beautiful, maternal quality to it, like a sistership and being best friends, which exists in a lesbian relationship that you don't have in a hetero relationship.

It transcends the erotic nature of the relationship, and there's something else in there that starts to chart other territories.

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DANIELLE CORMACK: I think it's testament to the character-in that she's all or nothing. That's the purpose of the character, she's the "every human", and everyone can see parts of themselves in her, because she carries us through the journey. She toes the moral line through the show, we go into the prison with her, and so it's vital that the role of Bea is an anchoring one.