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Summary: This 2016 Article IV Consultation highlights the adverse impact of lower hydrocarbon prices on the macroeconomic performance of Qatar.

Growth has slowed despite still-resilient nonhydrocarbon activity.

However, it can feel really intimidating to commit to a semester, year, or full degree program when you’re unsure whether you even enjoy living abroad.

Here are five challenges you’ll probably face if it’s your first time abroad, and five reasons why you should still take the plunge!

Student visas have been a big issue and a stressful process for Iranians in recent years.

Have you ever wondered why students choose to do their master’s abroad instead of in their own country?

With a bit of planning and the help of technology, it’s easier than ever to stay-up-to-date and nurture your relationships back home.

IFP Group is the Middle East’s most experienced event company.

Growth is expected to slow in the medium term as public investment growth tapers off and hydrocarbon output continues to slow.

Further subsidy cuts, a moderate recovery in global commodity prices, and the introduction of a value-added tax are expected to improve the fiscal and external balances gradually over the near to medium term.

Many students think doing an internship and studying at the same time means saying goodbye to a social life.

With the right internship, you could have fun while doing both! Read some advice written by writers who have done an internship abroad.

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If you’re considering studying abroad but worry that it might be more difficult to make friends, fear not!