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For .99, you can view a 2.5 hour video called How to Marry a Millionaire right on your computer that gives you the in’s and out’s of how to find and attract a mate with lots of money.

Many similar classes and workshops are offered periodically in cities across the country.

Some of these services are free for average women and men who want to be included in their database to meet wealthy participants.

The cost for wealthy members starts at about 0 a year and goes on up about 0 a year or more.

Throughout the decades women have traditionally been drawn to men with wealth and power.

The same scenario holds true in reverse, with single young men looking for older, rich women, and rich women who want to mingle with young, physically attractive men.

That’s why some quick-thinking entrepreneurs have recently stepped into the equation, offering a variety of ways to bring wealthy clients together with very attractive singles of the opposite sex in the hopes that some of these matches will develop into serious relationships.

In fact, Marilyn Monroe actually first found her niche with her role in the comedy “How to Marry a Millionaire.” Since then, times may have changed some but the concept of a woman wanting to gain material comfort and wealth through marriage still remains the same.

The idea may even be growing stronger today, as more women want to have it all, and “all” includes a large bank account, fine jewels, high-class cars and all of the material comforts that come with marrying someone who has found, or inherited, success.

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That’s the idea of some of the popular speed dating events, a few of which have recently focused themselves specifically on the elite population.

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