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This was his first introduction to how teamwork in a musical atmosphere could make amazing things happen and it was a taste of performing in front of large audiences; something that he would learn to appreciate later on.

He is proud to say that he is self-taught on the kit and was able to advance a long ways on his own.

It is somewhat of an indescribable feeling when sitting down for the first time behind your very first drum set, but a feeling he tries to hold onto each time he does so in the present.

Not ever taking lessons, Michael began to teach himself the intricacies of the drum set every day after school.

Labels that were interested in the band were Epic, Universal, Sony and Casablanca.

Though it was not meant to be for this band to make it nationally, it did give him that extra fire and push he needed to keep trying to reach his ultimate goal: to make a living playing music.

It was also at this time that Michael was afforded his greatest achievement to date, a write-up in DRUM! Though the article was a small one about new up and coming drummers it was a moment of validation, that not only had all the hard work, time and effort put in been paying off, but it was a sign that showed him he was on the right track to possibly making his dreams a reality.

Throughout the years Michael has had many amazing experiences and opportunities.

He was immersed in several styles of music, including Classical Concert pieces as well as your typical Football Fight songs. Applying with a solution allows you to move and position the decals and get the air bubbles out. On the sides, are those just decals or that drop model stuff? Did you apply the decals dry or did you use a soapy water/window cleaner solution and a squeegie to apply the decals?After finishing several years of lessons with Ron, Michael set out on his own.He began playing in both cover bands and original bands just to play as much as he could and to make a little money on the side.

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thinking about how some of the stars would look going down the side What are your opnions? I do like the Prostar decal in the transom .....is one clean looking boat you have there...!! You can try and take a small pin and poke a small hole in and then squeeze the air out towards the hole you just made.

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