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Non dating

Since there are several planets interacting, the result is some complicated Spirograph loop-the-loops with several periods.

Models with relativistic corrections included lead to a reduction of about 0.05-0.08 ; Gyr with respect to those obtained with the old OPAL or MHD EOS.Our best-fit value is t = (4.57 /- 0.11) ; Gyr which is in remarkably good agreement with the meteoritic value for the solar age.We argue that the inclusion of relativistic corrections is important for probing the evolutionary state of a star by means of the small frequency separations delta nu/(G*M)for solar mass M, atom mass m, and core temperature T.It has been possible to observe continental drift directly with GPS satellites: GPS Time Series Furthermore, GPS-measured rates agree rather closely with continental-drift rates over the last several million years: Global Tectonics and Space Geodesy -- Gordon and Stein 256 (5055): 333 -- Science The latter sort of estimate gets its time values from radiometric dating, so GPS measurements provide a good check of them.These are due to variations in the amount of incoming sunlight due to the Earth's changing orbit shape and orientation, and also its spin precession.

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It's been hard for me to find a review of the overall state of the art, however.

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