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The simulation uses a scientifically grounded galaxy generation algorithm which produces believable and fresh maps for every playthrough.Interstellar Transport will arrive via Steam Early Access on August 16th.Getting caught and questioned would put a black mark on the protagonist's career and the environment is often crawling with itchy-fingered police officers accompanied by nosy bystanders.The game uses real-world data to modify gameplay according to the time of day in player's location.Epic Games has released a new Paragon video unveiling Zinx, a ranged attacker who utilizes her mana to be extremely durable and deal deadly damage over time to her enemies.Paragon is currently in free open beta for Play Station 4 and PC.On your way to the top, you will eventually figure out the truth behind this strange universe.Dead Core is also available today on PS4 and Xbox One.

Exploring, experimenting and fast paced decision making are the key words here.Players can approach the titular, ever-changing labyrinth in a myriad of ways, using the game's character job system and huge assortment of equipment to create a unique experience each playthrough.Death Squared is a cooperative puzzle game where user-controlled bots attempt to reach separate exits without accidentally killing each other.Each time you'll get a unique experience and find new ways to your goal.Top Ware Interactive and Reality Pump Studios have announced that Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae is now available as a standalone release.

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Four-player opens a whole new set of levels, designed for a larger group and chaos.