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Seattle dating guide

Head to Georgetown to visit the home of Fran’s Chocolates.

Their space, in an amazing brick building from the early 1880s, has a truffle case to pick out a few favorites and an espresso bar—but skip the coffee and try the drinking chocolate.

In other words, stop waiting for a guy to come along and make you more extroverted by insemination.

Leave the house—get artificially extroverted—on your own. Go places, do things—as much as your disability and budget allow.

I'm a newly single mom, I'm 40, I'm at my sexual peak and I want a partner, a long-term life partner. More particularly, how do I meet people with a stroller in hand and/or tell people I've got an amazing three-year-old kid I'm committed to raising (well). As for online dating, I don't want to attract predators, I'm concerned for my daughter's wellbeing.

I also want to be transparent without men running for the hills. In your case, MOM, there's an added little twist that happens to be a living thing that poops and cries and takes up a lot of your energy/focus/love right now and will one day break your heart.

There isn’t a bad seat in the house, with booth and table options that all provide clear sight lines.

A cabaret and burlesque club in Pike Place Market, the award-winning Can Can will transport you to Paris.

You're likelier to meet someone if you're out of the house and moving through the world. Hire babysitters and go places and do shit without your kid. It's your job to weed out the creepy and/or lecherous and/or predatory, just as you did back when you were single and childless.

Sure, there are plenty of spots downtown to get a view of the water, but head to West Seattle’s Salty’s on Alki Beach and dine while looking at the expanse of downtown’s skyline, from the Smith Tower to the Space Needle.

After dinner, take a walk along the beach and listen to the waves while snuggling in the chilly weather.

Enjoy a show encompassing humor, music and aerial acts while also dining on a five-course meal.

Visit the website for schedules and a description of the latest show.

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Start the morning with mini doughnuts and work your way through the mazes and levels of the Market.

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