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They spent many hours as a voyeur on Cam4 and observed how people interacted with performers and playing into the idea of productivity.

Originally conceived as part of a larger series of actions they were planning, Moletress performed a workshop of “Trigger Warnings and Various Attempts” at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA.

“People were making some really great handles in our live audience,” says Moletress, “like ‘Abigail’s Liver’ like ‘Danforths’ Dirty Fingers.’ I couldn’t help but crack up.It’s a new, kind of out there thing, and programming work for VR that’s been more serious and politically engaging critical work, there’s such a clash between the person who’s ready for an entertaining novelty experience and the content of the work.” They baked it all into a greasy spoon diner model complete with sassy, rude high school wait staff.If a VR headset or computer malfunction, they’re “out of it” on the menu.If people just show up and sign a list, it doesn’t work well. When she returned to MOHA, she implemented the reservation process with their VR installations. “My interns were waiting at the bar with a list,” Stuckey recalls, “and it ended up feeling like a restaurant hostess situation.And in talking about that event, we were joking that we should get some restaurant buzzers because that would be easy to call people back when it was their turn.

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“So I’ve had some really wild things that were said during the performances at Highways, and it was interesting how the people that were in the space were also typing in on their electronic devices, and then interacting with people who were not in the room.