Sucessful dating

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Sucessful dating

Yes, you see a photograph of an attractive looking Asian girl but is that who you're really talking to?The chat messages constantly pop up from new girls all the time.The way the reviews were written it's very easy to see that the reviews are not written by Western men.

Kuya Daniel Razon, the main host of this program, is the brain behind this innovative show (which airs every Monday to Friday, from -am).

We did find what seemed to be legit reviews complaining about the service and how it seems to use professional model images (see evidence below).

All the positive reviews seemed to be written by people who are not native English speakers.

As usual you can only send them a few lines and then you need to buy credits to continue.

We didn't upload any photos to our profile purposely just to see the kind of response we would get.

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Even without any photos in our dating profile were were still bombarded with chat requests constantly.