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There are also shortcut buttons below the maps that link to Navigator main menu screen, entering destinations and a slider screen that you can use to define how much detail you wish to see on your map.

This is the first time I’ve seen such slider feature and found it very useful when you need to see street details, building details and check or uncheck the POI displays on the map.

Tap and hold your stylus on the map and you will see a pop-up menu for you to enter destinations, add to favorites or POI, search for nearby POIs and reset the GPS for this location.

You can enter new addresses as your destination or favorites, or use the addresses already in your Pocket Outlook Contacts database.

Of all the routes I’ve mapped out, a few of the results did not come back with the best routes.

You need to play with the routing options to see whether the Quickest or the Shortest route is the most suited for you.

Check Tom Tom’s web site for the complete list of devices supported.

In the box you’ll find a wired mouse GPS receiver that connects to your Pocket PC’s serial port, a vehicle power adapter, a large car mounting kit that includes 3 different types of well-built mounting systems, a Quick Start Guide as well as the navigation software and map data on 5 CDs.

No matter which view you are in, look for a pull-down menu on top left corner in each view to launch the Navigator main menu.Now, you need to quit out of the Set Up CD, pop the requested map CD, and use your file explorer to launch the map installation program.Tom Tom Navigator allows you to install the maps to three locations: Pocket PC, a card reader or your desktop PC.Tom Tom is a relatively new name in providing navigation solutions.Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Tom Tom has grown to be one of the largest handheld software publishers for travel products in Europe.

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Nonetheless, the routing results always led me to the correct destinations.