Updating ssl certificate problems

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Updating ssl certificate problems

You can add any additional names at this stage before proceeding.

Next configure the organization and location information for the certificate, and choose a location to generate the request file.

A legacy name for co-existence is required if you are planning to gradually transition services and data from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

Configure legacy names for each of the namespaces in the organization, in this example “legacy.contoso.local” and “legacy.xyzimports.local”.

Although wildcard certificates are supported in Exchange Server 2010 it is recommended to use a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) cert instead.

Next we can configure the names for each of the Exchange 2010 services that are secured with the SSL certificate. Enter the internal and external names of Outlook Web App.

Although you can issue the certificate from a private Certificate Authority it is recommended to use a commercial Certificate Authority such as Digicert.

After you have acquired the new certificate return to the Exchange Management Console, navigate to Server Configuration, right-click the server and choose Complete Pending Request.

Next are the Web Services, Outlook Anywhere and Autodiscover names.

Exchange Server 2010 like its predecessor Exchange Server 2007 makes heavy use of SSL certificates for various communications protocols.

When you install a new Exchange server is comes pre-configured with a self-signed certificate.

We had the same issues in our environment with certain certificate authenticated websites over SSL. Uninstalling the patch fixed the issue however, we are required to have this patch on our machines.

After reinstalling it broke the sites again but pushing this registry change through group policy solved our problems and allowed the patch to remain on our machines.

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Once again I am using the same name of “mail.contoso.local”.

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