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RU protects your hair follicle from DHT attaching to it where you apply it, but it leaves your body’s DHT levels COMPLETELY IN TACT.

This means that you still get all the benefits of DHT circulating in your body like muscle hardness, increased muscularity and fat loss, zero libido or erection issues, etc.

RU58841 helps prevent this significantly when topically applied to the scalp.

It works by attaching to the hair follicle and preventing DHT from attaching to it.

Within a couple weeks of using RU58841, I went from 50 hairs every shower being lost, to 1-5 hairs MAX being lost.

It was pretty amazing to say the least, and within a few weeks I started noticing density coming back to my previously diffuse thinning scalp.

Increasing it to 75mg or 100mg should be more than enough for almost every single individual and probably won’t even be necessary.

After applying 50mg all over the necessary areas, simply rub it in with your finger tips to make sure you have got the liquid covering the spots entirely, and then let it dry (takes literally less than a minute). For application, I recommend applying your RU after you’ve washed your hair and your hair is completely dry.

When you shower, if you are very prone to hair loss it may be very typical for you to lose 50-100 hairs in the shower each time you wash your hair.

concluded the exceptionally high topical activity of RU58841 combined with unprecedented selectivity with respect to systemic effects suggest that this compound is a candidate of choice for the local treatment of androgenic alopecia.

RU58841 is incredibly potent and does what it’s supposed to do very well.

I haven’t noticed much (if any) of a difference, but the way I mentioned IS the optimal way to apply it to maximize results.

RU58841 is a bit watery so it is best to apply within and behind your hairline.

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When protected by RU58841 scalp hairs can grow to maturity and not be miniaturized by DHT.

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